The Collection.

Central to the museum is the Dr. Hart collection, a treasury of artefacts, pictures, letters and documents recording the history of a Midland village through the eyes of two local doctors - father and son - over nearly a century.
Linked to the Hart Collection are items recalling the coal mining, terracotta and pottery traditions of this area, where mining was first recorded in the 13th. century.
The Measham Teapots.

Traditionally associated with the canal people, Measham Ware dates from the last quarter of the 19th century. Sometimes known as Rockingham Ware, it was produced in Church Gresley and Woodville, the last known pieces being dated 1918.

Measham Museum's earliest teapot is dated 1886. All kinds of tea-table ware were made in the characteristic dark brown glaze, covered in shiny sprigs of flowers and bird. They were commissioned and sold by Mrs Annie Bonas from her shop on High Street, Measham, near where the Museum is housed.
100 years of Measham Weddings .

Photographs of Measham wedding donated by local families collected for the wedding exhibition and now kept at the museum for all to see, come in and have a look you never know you may be in one of the albums ?.

Museum Staff welcome School Parties by
EDUCATION PACKS of photographs are
available to borrow for school use and
sheets of village history relevant to the
school curriculum.
A questionnaire relevant to the current exhibitions and artefacts is available for
children in the museum and younger
children can have the use of crayons and  a Measham Teapot picture to colour