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Posted by Judith Colbert-Barkel on 08/10/2016

Hi I was just having a quick look at your museum page. I am from Timmins, Ontario Canada and have just inherited a barge ware teapot from my mother who past away a few months ago. Her Gran had brought it over to Canada with her from Marden Herefordshire in the 1920's. The name on the tea pot is a mystery to us because as far as I know he isn't a member of our family. The engraving on the tea pot is Mr James Hill Upper Paradise Marden. The only thing i can think of is my moms Gran got it when her first husband ( William Hall) passed away and they had lived in Marden the same as the man who's name is on the teapot. ( i'm still searching for the connection) Thanks for taking the time to read my message

Posted by glynn davies on 29/04/2015   Email

I am having difficulty reading this page. I can read the writing in blue on the left.

Posted by Robert Abney on 06/11/2014   Email

Need help with burial locations of the Abney's of Measham Hall. Cemetery name(s)?

Posted by John Stephens on 28/10/2013

Hi Keith, Was good to see you again after fifty odd years. Thanks for showing us around and for all the information. It seems a shame that many of the photographs are not displayed on your website as most people of my generation live away. I would like to think that some income would be generated by introducing a gallery. Thanks again, John.

Posted by geoffrey pallett on 18/10/2013   Email

My qusstion is WHY do you not reply to my e-mails ?????? thank you.....

Posted by Count Willy-the-Honk on 12/10/2013

I never knew you could get so many teapots in one display case. The wooden ashtray was amusing AND amazing. The French have got nothing like this.

Posted by maurice west on 26/08/2013   Email

I have done you a DVD called Marston 26 Have you got a copy of this,if not I will get this one to you.....its all about the local stations

Posted by geoffrey pallett on 30/07/2013   Email

I and two brothers sister gran uncle and a lodger also mum and dad lived at the old station masters house half mile in direction of old burton bridge, previously was Station Master George Sears incumbant..We had an orchard and opposite their was the Croft farm owned by a dispicable man.. My mother sufferd with Astma and he despised anyone coming from Burton road up his drive to cross the railwayline to get to our house, The doctor was Doctor Tellis a wonderful man, The farmer left a load of manewer oneside of the style and after an emergency call Dr Tellis got over the style only to sink in the cow manewer. I remember it with a great deal of anger, Both houses are knocked down , We had an orchard and NEVER bought coal as we picked logonberries apples pears strawberrys gusberrys plumbs to name a few and wrapped them up and threw them on the footplate of passing trains which had dropped a mile of coal off for us.... I was 9 at the time and until I left school and went on the railway for

Posted by maurice west on 10/05/2013   Email

Could you or would you be interested in printing us some leaflets for our group southderbyshiremining preservation group?

Posted by Janice Bailey on 02/12/2011   Email

Website looking good, will keep an eye on the artifact of the month which is a great idea.

Posted by Mark Johnson on 17/11/2011

I never knew that Measham was a 'model village' during the idustrial revolution of the 1780 - 1820s. You are full of surprises!

Posted by Mark Johnson on 17/11/2011

I never knew that Measham was a 'model village' during the idustrial revolution of the 1780 - 1820s. You are full of surprises!

Posted by George Beynon on 15/05/2011

RE:Visit last thursday. Very interesting, and friendly as promised have replied to you Am I the first one ?

Posted by George Beynon on 15/05/2011

RE:Visit last thursday.

Posted by Val on 12/05/2011   Email

Well done, Stuart. Told you I'd have a look. Hope you get many more hits.