Opened on 1st December 1992
Measham Museum, in its first year, attracted over 1000 visitors and won a Highly Commended Award, from the Leicestershire Museums, Arts and Records Service. Exhibitions, researched and mounted for us by Measham Local History Society, have included "Mining in Measham" "Measham at Play" , "Measham in World War 2" and "Personalities and Characters of Old Measham", "Measham- a Century of Change"., and The 'Millenium Exhibition' covering many topics of village life., and the 'Lost Treasures of Measham' - 'photos and detail of the lovely old buildings demolished in the last 50 years.
Latest Exhibitions are '100 years of Measham  
Weddings'., 'Schools and Education in Measham'., and 'Measham Station and Railway'

Late September 2008 the old Museum  at 56 High street Closed and all Artifacts and Documents were pack away and stored awaiting the opening of their new home at the Measham Station.
On the 9th April 2009 the keys were handed over to the Chairman, This signaled the new start for the Museum and the collection started to be moved in.

The New Measham Museum was officially opened on Friday 2nd October 2009 and has continued to Increase its collection and Membership to the present day.

The new museum Takes up approx  1/3 of the building the rest is used for business premises
the Entrance is at the rear of the building also called the canal side ?.

Why not become a friend of Measham Museum ?
For a contribution of  £5 per year , Paid Annually on the 1st April every year would cover the whole family to visit as many time as you they like ,
There is also an invitation to become a Museum Volunteer if you wish.

Application forms are available from the Museum.